About Us

Understanding Your Objectives

In Thomas Sand's view, for a project to be successful, it must provide the right building, at the right time and at the right price. Long before the Contractor sets foot on site, it is essential that the best approach has been identified and carefully tailored for practicality, fitness for purpose and cost efficiency. During its construction, both the process and its financial consequences must be actively controlled to ensure the end result. These factors are at the heart of any project and are a fundamental part of Thomas Sand's professional service.

More than this, we recognise that a successful on time, on budget project is a critical first step. It is what you can then achieve with your building that is important in the long term. Our understanding of this ultimate objective means that we apply our skills and experience with unique commitment and rigour.

This is what makes the difference.

Committed To Clients

Thomas Sands is a practice of Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers. We manage the process of construction with understanding and professionalism to achieve your time, cost and quality goals.

Our approach is flexible, innovative and undertaken with care and responsibility. Whilst being scrupulous over detail, we also appreciate the wider picture.

We are committed to establishing and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. Because of this, every project situation is special; needing and receiving its own particular attention.

Managing The Process

Society is changing at an ever increasing pace. Managing that change is a major challenge to all businesses.

This is particularly true in property and construction, where clients are now faced with different procurement options and 'new' professions. More legislation and litigation exist than ever before.

It is vital that the client's principal advisors understand the construction process, the range of procurement routes available and consider implications beyond the lowest price.

Whether the project is competitively tendered, or negotiated; single-stage or multi-stage; conventional, design and build, management contract or construction managed, Thomas Sands has the necessary depth and scope of professionalism to select and implement the most effective option, that which correctly balances finished quality, cost and timescale to produce optimal value for money.

Managing Finances

Central to Thomas Sand's services is management of costs. We adopt a proactive cost management role on each project. We ensure budgets are established and controlled throughout the design and construction process.

Not content with simply monitoring costs, Thomas Sands undertakes to manage finances from inception to completion. We ensure that financial information is provided at all stages to allow clients to make informed decisions.